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Reflexology and vertigo

Has anyone treated a person who has vertigo? If so what areas should you work on?


Ears for balance, solar plexus for emotional stability (dizzy - ness where no physical damage or infectionto ear) spine ( to stand up straight) and adrenals for stress of feeling dizzy and all endocrine to balance out the body.
Would treat the whole feet, natch, but also work on what came up during the treatment, sometimes with vertigo you need to work on the throat (stuck thoughts not expressed whirling in head - dizziness).
Hope this helps.


Hi Rakhee
I recently treated a lady who's been living with vertigo. She hasn't had an attack for a while. There were imbalances in the eustachian tube and ear reflexes. As Sue says, the throat reflex is also an important one and I would include the head, neck, spineand brain in the list of reflexes to focus specially on. Also the stomach as vertigo and other ear disorders may make people feel sick because of giddiness.


Thanks for the replies - i thought it would have been that but just making sure.

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