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'That' flannel smell..any tips to stop it?

'That' flannel smell..any tips to stop it?
  I use a face flannel when I wash my face, but when the flannel dries it always smells of that stale watery smell!!!
Even when I wash my flannels, the smell comes back after one use.
Has anyone got any tips on how to stop 'that' smell, or is it something that you cant do anything about, except buy new flannes every week?


Just a thought but do you use fabric conditioner? I'm not sure how it would effect it but it might :confused:


Do you just leave them to dry naturally or do you dry them. If I don't dry mine on the heater or out on the washing line, they always take too long to dry. Which means damp sets in because they've been lying wet and the smell never comes out.
If you do just leave them to dry naturally. I would maybe try putting them on the heater, washing line or chucking them in the tumble drier. See if that makes an difference.


I dry mine on the radiator in the bathroom after use. It has no smell at all.


I'm another radiator drying fan (we're building a house & the builder was horrified that I wanted radiators instead of underfloor heating, but I won't be without my nice warm radiators!). In the summer when the heating's off, I always go through loads of flannels because of "that" smell. I'm also putting electric towel rail heaters in specifically to beat the manky-wet-towel-and-flannel-in-the-summer syndrome. Can you tell I'm flannel-smell obsessed?!

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