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Downy Facial Hair

Downy Facial Hair
I have quite a lot of downy hair on my chin; itís very fine and blond. U donít notice it until in the light. I have some longish blond hairís that in the past if they got too long Iíd cut them. Anyone else have this problem and if so what do you do? I am so scared of waxing my face and electrolysis wouldnít be worth. Any suggestions??


Why dont you use facial hair remover cream? Or use and elipilator, its the same as waxing really but electric which pulls the hair out and it was worth the money because the results last ages. xx


I wouldn't recommend messing with downy hair it may just makes things worse - i think us gals with it just have to learn to live with it and just snip of any longish bits.


Do not use hair removal creams as they will just blunt the end of the hair off like shaving.
I guess waxing would be best if it really bothers you as it pulls it out from the root and makes hair finer i think?


Three days ago I would have suggested using an epilator as I had done so a couple of times and it seemed to work well. I am now having to go to lectures with a red scabby patch across my top lip and to the side of my mouth which I'm struggling to cover with some slightly too orange concealer. So just remember that removing it can aggravate it and irritate your skin!
I would personally recommend threading, it's far more gentle and I never had a reaction like this when I used to get it done. Failing that, waxing strips aren't bad.

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